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Our Financial Planning Process

To explain our process as simply “fee-based financial planning” does not accurately describe what we do.

We deliver high end financial, business, insurance and estate planning advice and recommendations to our clientele. Our clients pay us to bring creative design ideas to the table in the areas of income, gift and estate tax savings, and wealth accumulation. Many of these ideas they have not previously been exposed to. They also pay us to coordinate and collaborate with their existing advisors, such as their accountants and attorneys. Perhaps most importantly, they pay us to act as the catalyst to get things done.

When we initially meet with a prospective client, we gather enough pertinent information to assess the situation and succinctly convey to them areas of concern and coordination gaps that exist. A mutual evaluation takes place and the prospective client sees how our work is significantly different than what they have experienced in the past.

After quantifying both the value we provide and the specific fee for our service, the client then chooses if they would like to work with us to develop a personalized financial plan. With the knowledge that there is essential work to be done our relationship begins.

Once hired, a debriefing meeting with the advisor, our Director of Financial Planning, Director of Investment Planning, as well as other specialists and/or coaches takes place. When appropriate, legal documents are reviewed by qualified professionals as part of our planning process. This collaborative effort leverages the advisor’s time and resources and helps ensure the client benefits from the work of a fully integrated, comprehensive financial plan. We then work with the client to analyze existing coordination gaps and bring a full range of alternatives for the client to consider. Every plan is custom designed and all of our recommendations are in writing.

Most of our advisors’ clients become active participants in introducing our advisors to others in their target market who could benefit from our services. We educate, train and coach our advisors on this approach to gathering targeted personal introductions. Our client’s active goodwill flows naturally after they have experienced the difference in our work and the value provided to them, their families and their businesses.

To learn more about our methodology, view our introduction video to "The Financial Box."