What Our Associates Say About Us

Greg Thomas


“As a veteran producer, I have looked at all the options and business models available to me. I have found I am best served using a fee-based business model. The resources required to deliver this are immense and by aligning with MassMutual Colorado, I am able to leverage my time and experience. Furthermore, being in an organization that has its values and actions aligned with mine is tremendously important to me, particularly at this stage of my business life.”







Ali Barghelame


“After entering the industry in 2005, I moved my practice to MassMutual in 2008. MassMutual Colorado has consistently provided me with a solid, robust platform which allows me to offer multiple solutions to the complex problems faced by my clients. In addition to helping me provide the best solutions, the excellent support team here also allows me to continue to service my clients in the best manner possible.”

Randy Williams


“I had practiced successfully under a commission-based business model for more than ten years. While I achieved success as recognized by the industry, I knew there were definite gaps in my planning model, but I didn’t know of any method of practicing differently. By transitioning the practice to a fee-based model, I have found my client interaction to be far superior. I’ve positioned myself as either the lead advisor or as an advisor capable of working within an advisory team.  Backing that positioning up with the ability to deliver high-end strategies in the areas of business, investment and estate planning has put me in the position to develop a process resulting in more comprehensive planning than I have ever done in the past.”

*Not practicing on behalf of Massachusetts Mutual Life Insurance Company (MassMutual), MML Investors Services, LLC or MassMutual Colorado.

Tina Ye


“Having worked in the financial service industry for over 10 years, my passion has always been helping business owners succeed financially. As a first-generation immigrant from China, I understand how challenging it can be for the immigrants to start a business here in the United States without even speaking the language. At MassMutual Colorado, the resources available for the multicultural communities are tremendous, not to mention the dedicated team support I receive. When you work with a team that share the same values and beliefs as you do, you are motivated to get up and come to work every day.”




Agency officers are not officers of MassMutual.